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What is a penis pump and how does it work?

The penis pump is a negative pressure or vacuum pump, which is used as an aid for erectile dysfunction, impotence or curvature of the penis . This mechanical therapy option can replace drug-based sexual enhancers and improve the erection ability of men with erectile dysfunction for the moment or – through regular training – in the long term.

How does a penis pump work?

The penis pump is placed over the still flaccid penis before sexual intercourse. By pumping, a negative pressure can be generated by motor or manually, whereby blood flows into the erectile tissue of the penis and an erection occurs. If the penis is hard (which can only last a few seconds, depending on the type of device), the penis pump can be removed and an elastic cock ring attached. This ensures that the blood that leads to the erection does not drain out of the penis again. From then on, this erection can last for up to half an hour and you can enjoy sexual intercourse as usual.

When do I need a penis pump?

The penis pump is suitable for anyone who wants to improve their ability to have an erection. Reasons for this desire can be impotence and erectile dysfunction – i.e. a missing, weak or non-lasting erection. People who feel their penis is too small or whose penis has grown crooked often use the penis pump.

How does a penis pump help with erection problems and impotence?

In impotence, particularly erectile dysfunction, there is an inability to obtain a sufficient erection of the penis for satisfactory sexual intercourse. Such erectile dysfunction can have various causes, including illnesses – for example high blood pressure, diabetes or metabolic disorders -, pelvic surgery, psychological problems, stress or an unhealthy lifestyle. Many sufferers resort to sexual enhancers to counteract erectile dysfunction. However, this does not work for everyone: some men cannot take the potency pills due to drug interactions, existing diseases or lack of effect.

In order to conjure up an erection for men with erectile dysfunction, the non-erect or only weakly erect penis is inserted into the cylinder shortly before sexual intercourse. The suction of the air then creates a negative pressure, which leads to an increased blood flow into the erectile tissue and thus to an erection. When the penis is sufficiently erect, the penis pump can be removed and a cock ring can be put on to prevent the blood from draining again…and you can have sexual intercourse for up to half an hour.

In addition, the so-called negative pressure therapy with the penis pump can help to rebuild the erectile tissue, so that spontaneous and natural erections can be built up again. With the appropriate stamina, the penis pump can therefore cure erectile dysfunction in the long term!

How does a penis pump help with a crooked or small penis?

Penile curvature can be congenital or acquired. The penis is curved to one side, up or down and can painfully disrupt an erection. Medication is usually used to stop the progression of the curvature of the penis – but the penis pump can also help.

To do this, the penis pump or penis stretcher pulls either over special telescopic rods or over elastic bands on the penis. At the same time, the well-known negative pressure is built up, which exerts a pull on the body of the penis. The penis pump should be worn 6-8 hours a day. The aim is that the healthy penis tissue can grow and a penis curvature is at least partially corrected.

According to some sources, the same principle can also be applied if you feel your penis is too small and want to enlarge it permanently. With the portable penis pump, the penis should be permanently stretched and thus lengthened.

What types of penis pumps are there?

Even if the principle of all penis pumps is similar, they can differ in the way they are used. The way in which the vacuum is generated is particularly important, namely either manually or electrically . The penis pump can be operated with air or with water – for example in the shower. There are also devices that are equipped with certain extras, such as vibration.

In addition, some penis pumps use a scale to show how strong the vacuum is or how much the penis has grown.

Hand-operated vs. electric penis pumps

Medical penis pumps

Medical penis pumps are characterized by a particularly high quality or high demands on the materials, processing and effect of the pumps and thus differ from the cheap products that can be found in heaps on the Internet. In contrast to simple penis pumps, medical ones can produce a stronger and longer erection and are largely used for functioning sexual intercourse in the case of erectile dysfunction. Medical penis pumps, on the other hand, rarely function as sex toys.

Vibrating penis pumps

Regardless of whether the penis pump is electrically or manually operated, another module can convince the user: the vibration of the penis pump. Such a vibrating penis pump is particularly suitable for men who need strong stimulation to create an erection. But even healthy men can use the vibration as an exciting change in their sex life.

Application of the penis pump: Your training device for a good erection

The penis pump is not only used for a temporary erection for sexual intercourse – quite the opposite. Regular training with the vacuum pump can bring about long-term improved, natural erection ability. Because the so-called negative pressure training with the penis pump can rebuild the infrastructure of the penis.

The penis pump as a training device: Can I train my erection?

Negative pressure training is becoming increasingly important as a building block in the therapeutic concept of healing impotence. Training with the penis pump is essential for rebuilding the erectile tissue of the penis. These are important so that natural and spontaneous erections can be built up. Such an improvement in erectile function is shown, for example, in numerous studies with men who have become impotent as a result of pelvic surgery.

The following principle applies to positive results: The earlier the therapeutic training is started, the better the chances of recovery for the man’s best piece.

Negative pressure training for a better erection: A guide to penis pumping

Using a penis pump is easy – a quick look at the operating instructions for the respective product is usually enough to be able to use it properly.

If that’s not enough, we’ll tell you step by step how to properly carry out negative pressure training with the penis pump.

In addition to training, you can use the penis pump to build up a temporary erection that you can use for sexual intercourse. The only thing you need in addition is a cock ring, which maintains the erection. This is usually described in the instructions for use of the respective device and has nothing to do with negative pressure training!

How long and how often can you use a penis pump?

You should find out for yourself how often and how long you use the penis pump. Slowly approach the use and pay attention to what is good for you personally. It is important that you do not go beyond your pain threshold and watch your body closely. If you are in pain or your skin is irritated, it is important to take a break from the penis pump and only resume it once your skin and tissues have calmed down. But you should also give the tissue of your penis the time to recover after an intensive workout.

Does the penis pump have side effects or contraindications?

Penis pumps work purely mechanically, so there are no classic side effects when used properly. The situation is different if you use the penis pump incorrectly, for too long or too often – this can lead to pain and injuries.

Risks and Side Effects of Penis Pumps: Can Using a Penis Pump Be Harmful?

When used properly, the penis pump is a pleasure and by no means uncomfortable. However, the situation is different if used incorrectly, for too long or too frequently: temporary blood blisters or bruising, discoloration and swelling of the penis, numbness, a feeling of cold or even blood congestion can occur. In addition, ejaculation can be impaired, so that the semen is diverted into the bladder. If such side effects and injuries occur or the use feels uncomfortable in any way, the penis pump should be removed immediately. Further use should be avoided until the injuries have healed completely.

Contraindications of the penis pump: is the penis pump suitable for everyone?

The penis pump is not for everyone. Men who have diabetes or use anticoagulants should be careful with the penis pump: if the negative pressure is too strong, bruising can occur very quickly. The penis pump is also not recommended for people with:

➔ Diseases that increase the risk of a permanent erection (e.g. leukaemia)

➔ Cardiovascular or respiratory problems

➔ Varicose veins or implants on the penis

➔ Injuries or past penile surgeries

If you find yourself in one of these criteria, you should definitely consult a doctor before using a penis pump.

Does using the penis pump lead to an enlargement of the penis?

Shortly after using the penis pump, the penis is thicker and generally more voluminous. With the help of a penis ring, this state can be maintained for a while so that you can enjoy sexual intercourse. But now the big question: Is this penis enlargement just a short pleasure or does the penis pump make the penis bigger and thicker permanently?

Some sources report that regular training with the penis pump can actually enlarge the penis. The reason for this is said to be the build-up of the erectile tissue stimulated by the negative pressure and the growth of tissue in the penis. However, this does not happen overnight: perseverance is required here, as the tissue needs time to grow in the long term.

Other sources report that the penis cannot be enlarged in the long term without growth-related drugs or chronic overstretching. The reason is that the penis is a cavernous body and its size is only influenced by the amount of blood flow.

Which penis pump should you buy where?

The range of penis pumps available on the market is huge, ranging from cheap “sex toys” to very high quality, medically verified devices. Accordingly, you should consider a few points before buying so that you get a high-quality, safe and durable penis pump.

What do you have to consider when buying a penis pump?

In order to choose the right one from the pool of penis pumps on offer, it is important to take a close look at the products on offer and compare them with each other. You can get advice from your doctor or pharmacist, for example, or compare test results and customer reviews on the Internet.

The top priority should be the safety of the device. But easy handling and (especially with the high-quality products) a proven longevity also play an important role.

Your own experience should not be neglected when buying a penis pump. Beginners should rather use hand-operated penis pumps that are equipped with a pressure gauge – this way, newcomers can slowly and manually build up the negative pressure and control it. Experienced people, on the other hand, are also welcome to use electric penis pumps.

Where can you buy a penis pump?

Many men are uncomfortable going to a sex shop or blatantly asking for a penis pump at the pharmacy. The reason for this is usually shame for the cause, i.e. for the erectile dysfunction or dissatisfaction with one’s own penis. But even the simple curiosity about the device can be embarrassing for the users.

Accordingly, many prefer to take the anonymous and uncomplicated route via the Internet, where a huge range of penis pumps awaits them. But be careful: On the Internet you can rarely get individual advice from a doctor or pharmacist that is tailored to your needs and previous illness. It is therefore very important that you pay attention to the seriousness of the website when making your own purchase and that you compare the different models carefully. If you pay attention to this and the points mentioned above, you can be sure that you will receive a high-quality product – and without any unpleasant confrontation.

Can you build a penis pump yourself?

You can build your own penis pump, but building it yourself increases the risk of making mistakes and thus injuring the penis, for example tearing a erectile tissue. It is therefore worth investing money in a high-quality penis pump!

Does health insurance cover the cost of a penis pump?

The cost of a medical penis pump is between 250 and 450 euros. However, the penis pump is a medically recognized aid for erectile dysfunction and impotence. Therefore, the statutory health insurance companies usually cover the costs – as soon as the use has been prescribed by the doctor. Privately insured people should discuss possible cost coverage with their health insurance company in advance.

The explanations and lists of possible treatment options are purely informative and do not replace consultation with your doctor or the explanations about the intake, mode of action and side effects from the product-specific leaflet.

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Isabel D White

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