This is how you increase your amount of sperm!

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What amount of sperm is normal?

During ejaculation, a cocktail of many ingredients is released from the urinary tract of the penis – the semen. This milky-cloudy to yellowish-grey, gelatinous liquid is composed of the secretions of the prostate, seminal vesicles, Cowper’s glands and sperm. It serves as a means of transporting the sperm to the egg cell¹.

The amount of ejaculate in an adult man is usually between 1.25 and 5 milliliters (ml), which is ¼ to 1 teaspoon². The volume of the ejaculate and the proportion of sperm in the semen can vary depending on age, but also from day to day or ejaculation to ejaculation.

What factors determine semen volume?

The quantity and composition of semen changes over the course of a man’s life. But the semen volume can also vary from day to day. Factors that can affect the amount of ejaculate are – aside from that Old – the geneticsthe hormone balancethe lifestyle (e.g. weight, diet), the general health or special medicines. The frequency of ejaculation also influences the volume of semen: the amount can be lower in the case of very frequent ejaculations, whereas the amount of semen is increased after prolonged abstinence.

Low sperm = low fertility?

the Sperm count has only a limited connection to fertility. Researchers found that while semen volume decreases with frequent ejaculation, sperm count and thus fertility remain within World Health Organization (WHO) guidelines for healthy sperm counts.³ Measurements of sperm quality – such as buoyancy or concentration – also remain more common Ejaculation about the same.⁴ These study results show that a low amount of sperm – caused by frequent ejaculation – has no negative effects on fertility.

The quality and proportion of sperm in the ejaculate is much more important for fertility than the amount of semen. The frightening thing is that men in industrialized nations are producing fewer and fewer sperm and are therefore becoming less fertile⁵. This is due to stress, an unhealthy lifestyle and environmental factors.

Little ejaculate – causes

Have you ever asked yourself, “Why isn’t my sperm coming out?”

The causes of little ejaculate are varied, but mostly harmless and treatable. An unhealthy lifestyle or simply frequent ejaculation can be the cause of less sperm. However, if the sperm is regularly below 2 ml, this can also indicate an underlying disease⁷. Pre-existing conditions can, for example, lead to the pressure of the ejaculation being reduced, the ejaculate flowing back or one(s) ejaculating into the bladder (retrograde ejaculation)⁸.

Here are the most common causes of low ejaculation volume:

➜ Frequent ejaculation

➜ Lack of strength in the potency muscles and the pelvic floor

➜Unhealthy lifestyle:

  • Diet high in saturated fat
  • Nicotine, Alcohol, Drugs
  • overweight

➜ Pre-existing conditions and medication:

  • Relocation of the urethra (e.g. due to inflammatory processes)
  • Operative interventions in the abdomen
  • Disorders of the hormone control circuits between the brain and testicles
  • Nerve damage, eg in the spinal cord or in the bladder
  • Diseases of the prostate, eg prostate cancer
  • Mental illnesses, eg depression or trauma
  • Taking special medications, e.g. medication for hair loss or antidepressants

Is less ejaculate normal with age?

Having less seminal fluid as you age is perfectly normal. While men in their 30s still produce the largest amounts of ejaculate, the amount of ejaculation progressively decreases with age. One of the reasons for this is the increase in the male prostate, which emits less ejaculate in old age. The loss of strength in the muscles of the pelvic floor and the decrease in sex hormones in the blood also play a role in reducing ejaculation with age.

Little Sperm – When to the Doctor?

Poor ejaculation is rarely a medical emergency. However, if you experience this regularly and over a long period of time, the worries can be great. In this case, a doctor should be consulted who can identify the underlying cause. This applies in particular if the reduced amount of sperm is accompanied by problems with fertility or an unfulfilled desire to have children.⁹

This is how you can improve your sperm production

If you’re only passing a little ejaculate, don’t worry. Because little sperm usually has harmless causes and the amount of sperm can easily be increased. So if you want to improve your sperm production and increase your semen output, you can use various home remedies, behaviors and tablets.

Producing more sperm: nutrition

Lifestyle has a significant impact on the amount of semen, as well as the percentage and quality of sperm. Diet plays a crucial role in sperm production.

In order to increase the amount of sperm, you should pay attention to the following in your diet:

✔ Drink a lot – especially water

✔ Eat lots of vegetables

✔ Eat a low-fat diet

✔ Avoid unsaturated fatty acids

✔ Eat vegetable instead of animal fats, e.g. olive oil

✔ Consume micronutrients and vitamins that increase sperm volume, such as zinc or folic acid

Foods for more sperm are for example:

✔ Cheese, whole wheat bread, wheat germ, Brazil nuts, oranges, oysters and other seafood, lentils, corn, peppers, sauerkraut, asparagus, onions

Strengthening of the potency muscles for more sperm

If you want to increase your sperm count, you should work on your potency and pelvic floor muscles. After all, the force of contraction of these muscles must “work” against the “resistance” of the prostate and the urethra.

In our sex guide you will find 5 exercises for a strong pelvic floor. A nice side effect: With regular pelvic floor training, you can sustainably improve your erectile function and even fight erectile dysfunction.¹⁰

Increase amount of sperm: Less often to climax

Men who ejaculate frequently within a short period of time usually ejaculate less. So if you want to drastically increase your sperm count, you should try to be abstinent for 3 to 5 days.

More sperm: Better supply with Testoplus

Various medications can help improve sexual function and increase sperm count. Which drug is right for you depends on the underlying cause of your weak ejaculation. Drugs containing testosterone, for example, can be helpful.

Usually tablets are enough for more sperm, the contain important micronutrients and vitamins for sperm quantity and quality. One possibility is the LovePlus Bundle (Sildenafil/Tadalafil + Testoplus). Testoplus contains 5 high-quality vitamins and micronutrients that increase testosterone levels and improve sperm quality. These include zinc, selenium, folic acid, vitamin B6 and vitamin B12.

Increase semen volume by abstaining

You want to produce more sperm? – Then you unfortunately have to do without one or the other. Because special behaviors inhibit sperm production and are the reason for a low sperm volume.

❌ Give up alcohol and nicotine!

❌ Avoid hot baths, sauna and steam bath!

If the testicles are exposed to too high a temperature for a long period of time, the ejaculate parameters can deteriorate.

❌ Do not wear pants that are too tight!

The testicles are at their optimum operating temperature when they are hanging freely. Tight jeans, on the other hand, press the testicles against the body and heat them up – which reduces sperm production.

❌ Avoid stress!

Stress is not only the number one pleasure killer, it can also affect sperm production.

❌ Don’t overdo it with the sport!

Moderate exercise is healthy and good for your body and your potency. However, overdoing it can have a negative impact on your sperm count.

The explanations and lists of possible treatment options are purely informative and do not replace consultation with your doctor or the explanations about the intake, mode of action and side effects from the product-specific leaflet.

Isabel D White

Isabel D White

Isabel led the Royal Marsden Hospital (London) psychosexual therapy service until 2019. She works in partnership with individuals & couples to explore physical, emotional & relationship factors that contribute to sexual difficulties after cancer. These include: low desire, erection, arousal or orgasmic difficulties, sexual pain & sexual avoidance. She adopts an integrative approach to personalized therapy using psychosexual therapy (sensate focus framework), biomedical management (erectile dysfunction medication & devices, menopause & vaginal health strategies, sexual aids) & psychoeducation.

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