Travel with sexual enhancers: what to consider?

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Legal status when traveling with sexual enhancers

Most people know that there are restrictions on alcohol and cigarettes when we travel, but do you know what it looks like with medication in general and sexual enhancers in particular?

Medicines that your doctor has prescribed for you and that are intended for your own use can generally be taken with you. Preferably in their original packaging. This means the amount of medication should be proportionate to the length of your trip. Since sexual enhancers also work for a while, you will hardly get by with 20 tablets of Viagra for a 5-day stay. Normally, if you follow these rules, you shouldn’t have any problems, at least within the EU.

Return journey with sexual enhancers

EU area

You should also be careful with the sexual enhancers on the way back from an EU travel country. Make absolutely sure that you do not allow yourself to be sold any counterfeit sexual enhancers in your holiday country. Because they can damage your health in the long term. You can also, especially if you take a large amount of it, be accused of smuggling counterfeit drugs, which can get very expensive. In the worst case, you could face a prison sentence of up to a year.

EU abroad

The situation is different if you start a long-distance journey: Customs will then take away the sexual enhancers you bought abroad in any case. Not to take them themselves, but to confiscate and destroy them. Only sexual enhancers that have passed the strict European approval controls may be imported into United Kingdom.

If you would like to find out exactly which medicines you are allowed to import back into United Kingdom and in what quantity from your travel country, you can also download the free “Customs and Travel” app onto your smartphone. The Federal Ministry of Finance has taken the trouble to design this valuable helper.

It’s always worth asking about your dream destination as well, because regulations can change. So you are on the safe side and can legally have fun with sex with sexual enhancers.

Which dose, which sexual enhancers are allowed

The dose determines how strong the effect of your sexual enhancer is. When traveling, it makes no difference what dosage your sexual enhancers have. As long as you only take as many pills with you as you can use up on vacation, you won’t have any problems with customs. Make sure to always pack them in the original packaging. This way, there is no suspicion that you are planning something illegal.

Where can you travel with sexual enhancers, where not?

If you leave United Kingdom, the German customs will hardly bother to get you out of the queue because of your sexual enhancer. However, what that looks like when you enter your holiday country is another matter. The EU countries each have their own rules, which you should find out about before you travel.

In order to be absolutely sure whether you are actually allowed to enter your exotic destination legally with Viagra, Sildenafil and Co. in your pocket, it is best to contact the responsible embassy directly. Here you will receive current, legally binding information.

Can you import the funds, do you have to carry a prescription with you?

If you need to carry prescription medication with you, it is always a good idea to have a prescription in your pocket. So you can not only prove in case of doubt that the tablets are really for you. Even in an emergency, for example if your suitcase has gone on an odyssey and only arrives after you have arrived at your holiday destination or not at all, the recipe can serve you well. You can use it to get supplies at the pharmacy. So nothing stands in the way of hot nights in Palermo.

Beware of illegal sexual enhancers abroad

The weaker the power of the controlling bodies in a country, the more the black market grows there. This eludes control all over the world.

However, you can make a lot of money with sexual enhancers. The valuable and pure ingredients of Viagra and Co. are so expensive that illegal sexual enhancers are often mixed with adventurous substances. Substances such as rat poison, paint and glue have already been discovered in the illegal blue pills.

No matter how tempting the offer may seem: Don’t let any counterfeit sexual enhancers be sold to you on the black market. Because the loser is you in the end!

The explanations and lists of possible treatment options are purely informative and do not replace consultation with your doctor or the explanations about the intake, mode of action and side effects from the product-specific leaflet.

Isabel D White

Isabel D White

Isabel led the Royal Marsden Hospital (London) psychosexual therapy service until 2019. She works in partnership with individuals & couples to explore physical, emotional & relationship factors that contribute to sexual difficulties after cancer. These include: low desire, erection, arousal or orgasmic difficulties, sexual pain & sexual avoidance. She adopts an integrative approach to personalized therapy using psychosexual therapy (sensate focus framework), biomedical management (erectile dysfunction medication & devices, menopause & vaginal health strategies, sexual aids) & psychoeducation.

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